Akron Police arrest teen after Facebook video of cat kick goes viral

AKRON, Ohio - UPDATE 4:17 P.M. 9/3/2014:

According to Akron Police Captain Daniel Zampelli, Tre'vonte Mitchell failed to appear at his sentencing. A "Fail to Appear" warrant has been issued for his arrest. 



UPDATE 1:58 P.M. 8/15/2014:

Tre'vonte Mitchell pleaded guilty to his charge of animal cruelty against companion animals in court this afternoon. The judge ordered a pre-sentence investigation. Mitchell will be sentenced at a later date.



UPDATE 11:10 A.M. 8/15/2014:

Tre'Vonte Mitchell is scheduled to appear in court today at 12:30 p.m. He faces a charge of cruelty to companion animals, a first-degree misdemeanor punishable by up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine. Stick with newsnet5.com for more details.


UPDATE 12:48 P.M. 8/13/2014 via Akron Police:

After newsnet5.com contacted Akron Police last week, an arrest was made today in connection with the viral video of a man kicking a cat in Akron.

Captain Danial Zampelli said the man seen in the video kicking, or more or less shoving, the cat is Tre'vonte Mitchell of Akron. 

Mitchell, who just turned 18 in April, was confronted today by Akron detectives and the Humane Society about his actions in the video. Mitchell told police he was very regretful for kicking the animal and he didn't know what he was doing.

Police were told by Mitchell that he was walking on Buchtel Avenue near the University of Akron with Roy Hill, the man whose Facebook profile the video was posted on. They saw a random cat in a random area and filmed the video of Mitchell abusing the cat.

Mitchell was arrested around 11 a.m. and charged with cruelty to a companion animal. The charge is a first-degree misdemeanor, punishable by up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine. Captain Zampelli said he expects Mitchell to receive no jail time, but he may be asked to pay a fine and perform some community service—possibly with animals. 

Police said they are unable to contact Roy Hill at this time. 


UPDATE 12:10 P.M. 8/11/2014 via Akron Police Captain Daniel Zampelli:

We have not identified a suspect at this time. We have identified the person whose Facebook  it is posted on and are investigating whether the incident occurred in Akron and who the suspect is that kicked the cat, if it is not the same as the one who posted the video. 

We are also working with are Police Legal Advisor to determine if criminal charges are warranted in this case. 


A video of a man physically abusing a cat has gone viral and prompted NewsChannel5 to contact Akron Police and ask what they are doing about it. 

On August 6, a Facebook community page titled "Ohio Animal Abuser List" posted a video of a man, allegedly from Akron, brutally kicking a cat in a yard. The video has nearly 3,100 shares on Facebook. 

(If Facebook post with video above does not show up, please go here: http://5.wews.com/A7VXh)

Facebook Fan Christy Campbell submitted several screenshots of the video from her phone as well as screenshots of two Facebook profiles which she believes are connected to the two men involved. 

The video does not identify either of the men by name. Police have not determined who is in the video or where it was shot, so we will not identify the profiles that have been associated with the video. 

Due to the numerous messages received from our Facebook Fans, newsnet5.com decided to contact Akron Police to ask what they are doing about the behavior in the video. So far, police are still working on getting IDs for the two men involved.

"We are working on it. We take animal cruelty cases like this very seriously," said Captain Daniel Zampelli of Akron Police. "Our first steps are to ID the man, find out where he is at and confront him. From there we will work with he prosecutor's office to figure out if charges should be filed."

Newsnet5.com will follow up on this and release names if anyone is charged. 

Zampelli said the police department has followed up on numerous other cases regarding animal cruelty and some have ended in arrests and/or charges being filed. 

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