NewsChannel5 welcomes Tera Blake as Good Morning Cleveland's new meteorologist

Meteorologist Tera Blake made her debut on NewsChannel5 Wednesday morning.

Tera has already gotten her first dose of snow and sub-freezing temperatures in Northeast Ohio.

Tera and her family moved to Cleveland before January's Arctic Blast, and she's still EXCITED to be here. If fact, she says forecasting all that mother nature has to offer Northeast Ohio is a meteorologist's dream.

Tera and her family moved here from Charlotte, N.C., where she spent six years as a morning meteorologist (so crazy morning show hours will be nothing new). Before that, she spent some time in Denison, Texas, and she was raised in a small town in Illinois, so small, in fact, that she says you wouldn't know the name if she said it.

Her family revolves around their newest addition, their 1-year-old son. She says the snow and cold didn't go unnoticed. He was wide-eyed and amazed by the change in scenery, but she admits he's a little confused by why he hasn't seen her on TV lately.

That's just one reason Tera says she's ready to get to work, and she's ready to hit the town, too. Jackie Zabielski has already provided her an impressive list of must-try restaurants. She's excited about the seasons, too.

As far as her sports taste?  "Well. I was a Carolina Panthers fan... until their last game." I have a feeling she can be converted pretty easily.

Tera will get you out the door ready for the weather day ahead -- and keep your family safe -- Mondays through Fridays from 4:30-7 a.m.on NewsChannel5's Good Morning Cleveland.

Tera joins me, Josh Boose, Mike Dunston and Jackie Zabielski. You can tweet her @TeraBlake and find her at . So send her a message and welcome her to the the team.


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