Video Vault: Singing Angels sing for WEWS signoff in 1985

CLEVELAND - Yes Virginia, there was a time when television stations signed on the air daily. That meant they signed off the air each night as well.

No all-night movies. No reruns of "Ironside" or "The Streets of San Francisco". No infomercials. Just snow, as in dead air.

Our video player contains the 1985 version of the national anthem being sung for the WEWS signoff.

Cleveland's world-famous Singing Angels sang the national anthem from the Holden Arboretum.

It appears the Singing Angels sang the anthem in the studio and lip-synced it from the arboretum, since there is no wind noise on a rather windy day or helicopter noise from Chopper 5 during the aerial shots.

The Singing Angels, led by director Bill Boehm, were regulars on WEWS.

Click here to see them in a tribute to WEWS personality Gene Carroll shortly after Carroll passed away; click here to see the Singing Angels in studio singing our sign off in 1973.

Gentlemen, please remove your hats and would everyone please rise for our national anthem.

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