Video Vault: Radio's Mr. Mikey sits in every Municipal Stadium seat

WEWS coverage from July, 1985

CLEVELAND - Radio host Mister Mikey can tell you how many seats were in old Cleveland Municipal Stadium, because he sat in every one of them.


The year was 1985.

Mister Mikey worked for 107.3 WBEA, now WNWV. As a fundraiser for the Red Cross, he set a goal of putting his derriere in every seat in the stadium.

Some, like the orange plastic field box seats were comfy. Others, like the benches in the bleachers and the nose bleed section yellow seats weren’t as forgiving on his backside.

Our first shots are of the radio host sliding across bleachers seats. Day 1, July 16, 1985, and he is already wearing out a pair of jeans. Anyone else thinking calluses and splinters?

Mister Mikey does a live phone call back to the station on his, well, I guess it’s a cell phone, as he slides along another row of seats.

We catch up with our hero the next day, this time in the upper rows of the upper deck. A smarter man, he now has a pillow strapped to his behind.

The look on his face screams, “What was I thinking?”

Fast forward as he heads down to his home stretch run, July 20, 1985. Red Cross personnel cheer his every “up, down, repeat”. He falls into the final seat and throws his arms up in jubilation - gets a beer as a reward.

No word how much he raised for Ohio tornado victims and African relief efforts on behalf of the Red Cross.


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