Video Vault: Indians' greats Feller and Score at spring training 1994

Lofton, Belle, Baerga, Alomar, Thome on roster

CLEVELAND - When two of Cleveland's greatest pitchers, Bob Feller and Herb Score, met on the spring training field in Winter Haven, Fla., did they talk baseball?

No. They talked about Feller's home remodeling project.

So it was in 1994 as the Tribe kicked off season number two of Grapefruit League baseball in Florida. WEWS Live on Five anchors Roy Weissenger and Lee Jordan spent some of spring training in Winter Haven covering the Indians.

Weissenger's story starts with a man whose condo is just beyond the right field fence. He shags homerun balls and talks of his beloved Red Sox. After the Sox left Winter Haven, the Indians moved there from Tucson, Ariz.

Weissenger takes note of the relaxed atmosphere surrounding the ball club.

"If you have a job with the ball club with a $5 million contract for five years, it's very laid back," said Hall of Fame pitcher Feller.

Score, who spent decades with the Indians as a broadcaster, signs autographs for the fans.

Jeff Newman posts a Tribe lineup for the ages; Kenny Lofton, Carlos Baerga, Albert Belle, Jim Thome, Omar Vizquel and Charles Nagy. Manny Ramirez and Sandy Alomar are on the bench for this game -- not bad insurance.

Manager Mike Hargrove watches batting practice while catcher Tony Pena hits grounders to his son. Two of Pena's boys, Tony Jr. and Francisco, would go on to become professional baseball players too.

Closing out the piece, Weissenger tries to get Newman to reveal his bunt sign.

"I wouldn't tell you that today, tomorrow or the next day," said the Indians' coach.

After the spring training story, I added a clip which seems astounding: Bob Feller playing a video game. Feller is playing Super Nintendo baseball with a youngster at Tower City. It's a good thing Feller made his living in real baseball, as it appears he was down 3-0 to the boy.

Score passed away in 2008, Feller in 2010.

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