Video Vault: How Cleveland wooed the Democrats for their 1992 convention

Dems visit Cleveland March, 1990

CLEVELAND - Cleveland is chasing two national political conventions this year, much as the city did back in 1990.

The Democrats came to town for a tour of our facilities in March 1990 for their 1992 convention. Mayor Mike White went as far as greeting the site selection committee as they exited their flights at Hopkins Airport.

Our video player contains a story from WEWS reporter Lou Maglio. Maglio tagged along with the delegates for some of that tour.

Although those being wowed were impressed by our city’s exuberance, they had serious concerns about the number of hotel rooms in close proximity to the site of the convention.

A proposal by Cleveland had some delegates staying in Akron, Canton and Sandusky.

Think back to 1990. Our convention center was aging and had low ceilings. Our sports arena was in Richfield. A convention in Cleveland in 1992 most likely would have been at the I-X Center.

The I-X Center’s location next to the airport was a plus, but once again the numbers of hotel rooms nearby were miniscule.

Two months after their visit, the Democrats announced Cleveland did not make the cut. The 1992 Democratic National Convention was held in New York. Bill Clinton and Al Gore were their nominees and went on to beat George Bush and Dan Quayle.

The Republicans made a visit to Cleveland in August, 1990 but their convention went to the astrodome in Houston.

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