Video Vault: Gene Carroll Show 1976

Ohio Bell Chorus featured on WEWS variety show

CLEVELAND - From the time the Gene Carroll Show debuted in 1949 until its final broadcast in 1982, the variety of acts to appear in our WEWS studios ran the spectrum of entertainment.

The episode in our video player, hosted by Don Webster from 1976, shows that wide range.

Opening with two sisters dancing, the show continues with a harmonica player, a tap dancer, a singer, a baton twirler – well, you get the idea. It was local TV entertainment and in Cleveland on Sunday at noon, it was appointment TV.

If you know anyone who sang in the Ohio Bell Chorus, let them know they are featured prominently in the edition of the Gene Carroll Show. Segments 5 through 8, comprising the last 30 minutes of the show, are devoted to the chorus.

During a break, Don Webster clues us in on a little secret. The chorus has been on the Carroll show so often, one of the chorus members and a WEWS studio cameraman began dating and as of the show’s taping, they have married.

The show runs roughly 45 minutes without commercials and closing credits run while the chorus sings “Tie a Yellow Ribbon.”

The show was produced by Gene’s wife, Helen, along with Ben Rand, directed by our beloved Albert Herrick with musical director Blanche Albritton. In a recent interview, show regular Frank Atrino lavished praise on Albritton skill as a musician and her ability to keep the show moving.

Gene Carroll passed away in 1972. See a tribute to the local TV legend by clicking here:

This is one of only two complete shows saved. The shows were done live into the 1960s and when they began being taped, the tape was played back on Sunday and the taped reused for another taping.

: To watch the other complete show, a 25th anniversary tribute, click here:

Here is a rundown of the acts on the show, with apologies for any misspellings as I’m working off of a handwritten list on a videotape:

- Amy and Cindy Amundson
- Mike Saccho
- Michelle Grabel
- Yeulah B Morenia
- Cynthia Horowadle
- Desiree Colture
- The Ohio Bell Chorus directed by Romeo Polente

Any name spelling corrections would be appreciated.


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