Video Vault: Dr. Ted fighting cancer with an apple a day

First local TV doc made house calls for 25 years

CLEVELAND - We here at WEWS have had many firsts in our 64 years of television and such was the case with having a staff physician.

Dr. Ted Castele was our medical editor from 1975 to 1999. The 1975 date made him the nation's first TV news doctor and the good doctor's personality made for his great TV bedside manner.

Whether he was in the studio taking health care calls, live from his office at Lutheran Hospital or a weekly segment live from his home on Wednesday evenings, Dr. Ted was good TV.

This 1979 live shot from his office has Dr. Ted sharing good news on the nutrition scene regarding food in the  fight against cancer and yes, he says, an apple a day can keep the doctor away.

He displays a variety of good food that is good for you...Doc, I'll pass on the brussel sprouts.

Dr. Ted makes monkeys out of our Don Webster and Gib Shanley by offering them bananas.

Ted Henry closes the live shot calling Dr. Ted by the name 'Maury'. For years local produce guru Maury Feren graced Cleveland's airwaves sharing his knowledge of fruits and vegetables.

Enjoy your free house call and for more information, consult your own physician.

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