Video Vault: 1994 Halloween fun with WDOK's Trapper Jack

Trapper's World was a segment on Live On Five

CLEVELAND - Trapper’s World, a segment on Live On Five featuring WDOK’s morning man Trapper Jack, ran during the mid-90s on WEWS.

Trapper’s World was fun look at something in the news. In October 1994, Trapper was having fun with Halloween.

I’ve posted two stories in our video player. The first is Trapper’s look at costumes. It’s vintage 1994 with Beevis and Butthead masks and a mask from Jim Carrey’s movie “Mask”, Bill and Hillary Clinton masks plus Trapper dressed up as Annie singing “Tomorrow”.

The second story was fun at Trapper’s house on Halloween. He took his own video camera to show the hijinks taking place at his front door all set to Paul McCartney singing “Let ‘Em In”.

The poor unsuspecting kids looking for candy got more than they bargained for while trick-or-treating.

Trapper challenges one child, dressed as a pirate complete with eye patch, to read a non-existent eye chart. A “Waldo” is subject to a “Where’s Waldo” gag and the fun goes on for two minutes.

Happy Halloween, Trapper.

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