Video Vault: 1959 demolition of the old Union Depot

Renamed Pennsylvania Station in the 40s

CLEVELAND - Fans of the rails will enjoy an old piece of film I recently stumbled across and it is among the oldest news footage in our archives.

Our cameras were on hand for the demolition of the old Union Depot railroad station along the lakefront.

This footage is from 1959. It is silent and lasts 42 seconds

The station was also called the Pennsylvania Station and was used until the early 50s.

According to a stone on the front of the building, it had been on the lakefront since 1865.

To give you a perspective of where the station stood, you can see old Municipal Stadium in the background and a train going under the West Ninth Street bridge.

The current Amtrak station is just east of where then old station stood. The old depot was in the parking area currently known as “The Pit."

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