WATCH: Shocking video shows robber sucker-punching helpless pregnant cell phone store clerk

A shocking security video may have helped authorities in Florida identify and arrest the suspect of a brutal cell phone store robbery.

The video shows a man walk into the store, loiter for a short time and then throw a punch straight into the store clerk's face.

The victim, a young woman reportedly pregnant, falls back behind the counter and pleads for her safety throughout the nearly three-minute ordeal.

The video below may be disturbing to some viewers:

The robber demands the woman to tell him how to open the cash drawer, then continues to tell her to stay down as he takes money and a phone.

After the robber leaves the store, the woman tries to call for help.

Police say they received several tips that came from viewers of the surveillance video that led to the suspect, according to WKRG .

WKRG says police arrested a suspect, identified as 41-year-old Vincent Lavon Johnson.

He was reportedly wearing the same clothing seen on the robber in the video and tried to flee, but was found by a K-9 officer.

The female clerk was taken to the hospital and treated for a broken nose, WKRG says.

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