Two-thirds of Never Miss A Super Bowl Club say they're rooting for the Seahawks, not Broncos

Just one of the three surviving members of the "Never Miss a Super Bowl Club" says he will be rooting for the Broncos on Sunday -- and he's not even the one who used to live in Denver.

Tampa resident Thomas Henschel and Mainer Don Crisman said they have greater faith in the Seahawks than the Broncos. Only Larry Jacobson, of San Francisco, said he would be cheering for Denver.

"A lot of times, when a team gets to the Super Bowl, they say, 'I'm playing the Super Bowl.' They're not,"said Jacobson. "This coming Sunday, Seattle's gotta know they're not playing the Super Bowl, they're playing the Denver Broncos. Sometimes an inexperienced team thinks Super Bowl and not opponent."

The men were all in their twenties when they attended Super Bowl I, and Crisman carried souvenirs from that game with him in the media lounge of Super Bowl XLVIII.

"You remember the older games more than the later games, because there were many, many years I know in the 30s that some of them were so lopsided they weren't even interesting," said Henschel, who told a story about Super Bowl XXIV between San Francisco and Denver. In that game, the Broncos lost by a score of 55-10 and after halftime he was able to move his seat to the 50-yard line because other fans had left early.

The men say they had each spent tens of thousands of dollars attending Super Bowls over the years. In interviews, they could recall a remarkable number of specifics from each game -- even their favorites.

Henschel said his favorite was Super Bowl XIII, where his team from Pittsburgh defeated Dallas. Super Bowl XXIII was Jacobson's favorite. But Crisman, who said he used to live in Denver, could not pick just one.

"I really have three," he said. "Super Bowl III, when the Jets turned the table 18-point underdogs. And of course the two my Patriots won with Adam Vinneteri in the last seconds, Super Bowl XXXVI and XXXVII."

The club's fourth member, who was also featured in the 2010 Visa commercial that made them mildly famous, passed away in 2011.

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