Texas mother claims son was badly beaten during school paddling punishment

HOUSTON - A Texas mother has filed criminal charges against her son's school, claiming administrators paddled the teenager so hard, he developed bruises.

Christina Douty said her 13-year-old son was punished for earning three consecutive zero grades, a violation of the school district's policy. Douty signed a waiver at the beginning of he school year giving permission for her son to be paddled, but she claims the marks on his body are too severe.

Douty held a one parent protest in front of the school Monday. She thinks the administrators who paddled her son should be fired.

The school district released the following statement after the incident:

"If a parent and student both elect to have corporal punishment administered, two swats will be given by an administrator of the same gender, with a witness present."

School officials said the investigation into Douty's allegations is completed and there would be no further action taken.

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