Police: Woman hides loaded, stolen gun inside her body

KINSGPORT, Tenn. - A woman arrested on driver's license offenses now faces felony charges, with Tennessee police saying she introduced into jail some atypical contraband: a stolen — and loaded — .22-caliber mini-revolver, via a body orifice.

According to incident reports at the Kingsport Police Department, the discovery was made as jailers processed Dallas J. Archer, 19, into the facility on Monday afternoon. Archer had earlier been stopped by a patrol officer on Skyland Lane after her mother claimed to have been assaulted and named Archer's Chrysler as the suspect's vehicle.

During that stop, Archer, address listed as unknown, was found alone in the car. A police report states a check of her driving status revealed her license was suspended for failing to satisfy multiple citations. She was then arrested for driving on suspended and transported to the city jail.

Read more at the Kingsport Times News.

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