Pizza Hut expects to sell over two million pies Super Bowl Sunday

CLEVELAND - Pizza Huts across the country are preparing for a major rush of pie orders on Super Bowl Sunday.

The company, in a news release, said local Pizza Hut shops are preparing now to meet the expected demands. They also offered some unique pizza statistics.

  • 442: Miles of Pizza Hut pizza to be sold on Super Bowl Sunday, enough pizza  to lap the historic speedway in Indianapolis 176 times
  • 1,200: Tons of dough that will be used to make Pizza Hut pizza for Big Game orders – more than five times the weight of the Statue of Liberty
  • 90,000: Gallons of marinara sauce that will be spread across Pizza Hut pizzas on game day – enough to fill 5.7 million Boston Cream Donuts
  • 80: Percentage of Big Game orders that will include America's favorite topping, pepperoni; more than 14 billion pepperonis were consumed last year at Pizza Hut – enough to circle Earth 13.5 times

What do you eat on Super Bowl Sunday and what's your favorite pizza?

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