Photo of President Obama and student at Colorado bar goes viral

BOULDER, Colorado - As President Obama visited the University of Colorado earlier this week, he was out and about in the college town, mingling with students and members of the community.

According to a report by Yahoo News , one student managed to snag a photo with the commander in chief at a local pub, which has since gained national attention.

While having a drink at The Sink, a popular establishment in the Boulder area, Madalyn Starkey seized the opportunity to pose with the president in a hilarious photo that was posted to her Instagram account .

Starkey is pointing at President Obama and making a funny face, which has sparked the interest of not only her peers, but the world as well. Through the use of social media outlets, the image instantly went viral.

On her Twitter account, Starkey wrote, "Woooo, never knew a tweet could blow up like that. Neat!"

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