Kelly says Rep. Gabby Giffords doing well

HOUSTON - Her husband says Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords is "doing really well" after Wednesday's surgery to repair her skull.

Mark Kelly spoke from the International Space Station, which is now docked with the space shuttle Endeavour. He's the commander of the current shuttle mission.

He said in a TV interview this morning that "everything went as planned" in the surgery yesterday on his wife in Houston.

He says he kept in touch with Giffords' mother, and with his astronaut twin brother Scott, as well as with Giffords' chief of staff throughout the surgery, and that he's pleased with how it went.

He says Giffords is "actually getting back to therapy today."

Doctors put a plastic implant in place to fully cover her brain.

It replaces a piece of skull that was removed to relieve swelling after she was shot in the head in January.

Doctors will now be focusing on the next stages of her rehabilitation.

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