Jessica Ridgeway's family issues cease-and-desist letter to Colorado's Missing Children Foundation

WESMINSTER, Colo. - The family of murder victim Jessica Ridgeway wants a nonprofit group to stop using her name for fundraising.

Ridgeway's family has issued a cease-and-desist letter to Colorado's Missing Children Foundation to stop using Jessica's name or likeness for fundraising.

"After many unsuccessful attempts to address the issues between the Ridgeway Family and Colorado Missing Children Foundation we want everyone to know that this foundation is in no way related to Jessica Ridgeway and we have sent a cease and desist order to the foundation to not use Jessica in promoting their foundation or using her likeness in any way," the family's website said. "Although the Foundation may have full intentions to do good things they have neglected to make an effort to respect the family's wishes. We had hoped that it did not have to come to this however the foundation left us with no choice."

"We have given all funds raised for the Ridgeway family to them," Colorado's Missing Children Foundation  said on its website. "We are no longer raising money for the Ridgeway family as they have asked us not to. All further monies raised will go directly to our foundation."

Ben Bargas, who said he's on the foundation's board, said he and others have raised money for Jessica's family, but now the Ridgeways want to form their own foundation.

Bargas said the foundation was formed by volunteers who looked for Jessica after she disappeared Oct. 5. He says that after Jessica's body was found, the volunteers formed a foundation to help all missing children in Colorado.

The Colorado's Missing Children Foundation Facebook page is being used to spotlight other missing children and people.

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