Immigration lawyer arrested at Connecticut movie theater

NEW HAVEN, Conn. - Another movie theater scare during a showing of "The Dark Knight Rises."  This time it was in Connecticut.

A New Haven attorney was arrested Tuesday night on breach of peace charges and interfering with police.  It comes just weeks after the mass shooting at a Colorado theater.

Several reports state 46-year-old Sung-Ho Hwang is president-elect of the New Haven County Bar Association. 

The incident happened around 10 p.m. on Tuesday during a showing of "The Dark Knight Rises." Movie goers told the Associated Press they noticed a gun in Hwang's waistband and called New Haven police.

Police swarmed the theater, ordered everyone inside to put their hands up and file out. Police said Hwang remained in his seat talking on his cell phone and wouldn't get up. They said they had to forcefully arrest him.

Hwang's attorney called the arrest "baseless" and questioned the legality of the arrest.

Police said Hwang does have a valid permit to carry a pistol in Connecticut. At a news conference Wednesday afternoon Hwang said he brought the gun to protect himself late at night.

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