Experts at the CDC look for the cause of an E. coli outbreak; strain carries deadly toxin

CLEVELAND - The nation's top disease hunters at the Centers for Disease Control are searching for the source of an e-coli outbreak. But this particular strain of e-coli is different and seemingly more dangerous.

In an ABC News report , experts said this particular strain carries what's called the 01-45 genetic fingerprint. It produces a deadly toxin and can cause violent reactions,  kidney damage and even death.

Here's the problem: the CDC doesn't know where this is coming from, so they're racing to figure that out so they can get that source out of the marketplace.

This e-coli strain is linked to about a dozen cases in four states; Georgia, Florida, Alabama and Louisiana. In New Orleans, a 21-month old died from the disease.

The CDC said about half of the cases are in Atlanta.

Experts said the likely culprit is a food source, often e-coli suspicions point to undercooked beef or chicken, but health officials just don't know yet.

Here are just some general rules from the CDC on preventing the spread of e-coli:

-Wash your hands after handling poultry

-Wash your fruits and vegetables before you eat them

-Cook your chicken and beef all the way through

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