Crew, passengers subdue unruly man on flight

SAN FRANCISCO - Police say flight attendants and passengers subdued an unruly passenger and put him in handcuffs as an American Airlines flight was approaching San Francisco.

Sgt. Michael Rodrigues of the San Francisco police says the passenger was banging on the cockpit door and shouting unintelligibly on Flight 1561 from Chicago when he was wrestled down and put in plastic handcuffs.

He says the Boeing 737 carrying 162 people landed safely at 9:10 p.m. at San Francisco International Airport where police arrested the man.

The suspect was identified as 28-year-old Rageit Almurisi. Rodriguez says he doesn't know his nationality but he carries a Yemen passport.

Almurisi faces federal charges of interfering with a flight crew. He is being held at San Mateo County Jail.

The incident came hours after a Continental flight to Chicago was diverted in St. Louis after a passenger unsuccessfully tried to open a plane door.

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