Bullied 13-year-old girl fights back with silent video

Silent video tells story

WESTPORT, Conn - Bullying doesn’t have to be physical. Using harmful words can be just as hurtful to kids. 13-year-old Alye Pollack is a victim and decided to fight back with words of her own. In a video, she tells bullies about her pain with the hope that it will stop.

In a nearly 3-minute video posted on YouTube, which has been viewed more than 150,000 times, Pollack sits in front of a camera and holds up pieces of paper; signs with words on them. The words are written with crayon and are shown with the instrumental version of One Republic’s Secrets playing underneath.

“Do I look happy?” says one sheet of paper. “Well, I’m not,” reads the next.

The papers continue.

“I don’t have many friends. 3? 4?”

“I am bullied. Not a day goes by without one of these words.” The next sign includes names like whore, fat, freak and ugly.

The most powerful part of the video may be when Alye holds up a sign that simply reads, “HELP.”

Other than a brief smile at the beginning of the video, Alye’s face remains stoic throughout.

In an interview with WTNH , the ABC affiliate in New Haven, Connecticut, Alye talked about the video being so popular.

"It's so weird,” she said. “I originally thought it would get, like, 200 views, at most. This is just crazy."

The video also had an impact in her community.

“I've had a lot of people come up to me and say, 'I know not to say bad things. I think before I say something,’” she said. “And that's just amazing, because actually are being affected by my video."

On YouTube, the video has gotten several comments and has also been responded to by video. A college student named Erika told her own story about being bullied and asked Alye to email her if she needed someone to talk to.

You can watch Alye's video below. If you're using a mobile device, click here:  http://bit.ly/eerfZz.

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