Adopted girl from China, Jayde, hears for first time after cochlear implant

TULSA, Okla. - A 5-year-old girl is adapting to a new world in the U.S. -- and to hearing sound for the very first time.

Jayde, who was recently adopted from China by a Tulsa family, had a cochlear implant activated at The Scholl Center for Communications Disorders on Tuesday morning.

According to Dr. Jacque Scholl, upon activating the implant, Jayde will be able to hear and respond to the first real sound she has ever heard.

Last month, Jayde underwent the surgery to insert the internal device of the implant in Oklahoma City.

She has no residual hearing, but according to Scholl, Jayde has been able to pick up about 50 signs since arriving in the U.S. in December. Last year, Scholl traveled to China to bring Jayde to Tulsa.

"We are ready for her to start working toward listening and speaking," Scholl said. "It's going to be a long journey, but one we are all ready to begin. Jayde is a blessing to our family and we can't wait to start this next chapter in our lives."

Next month, Jayde will once again be a part of medical history when she receives a new processor, which is expected to revolutionize how the world will view and wear cochlear implants, doctors said.

Jayde will be one of three in the country -- and the first child to receive the processor.

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