4 gas-saving 'tips' turned myths

With gas prices on the rise, and really no signs that the prices will be pressing on the brakes, many people are looking for tips on how to save at the pump. There are several ideas out there that are believed to help save money with gas, but they don't really work. MSN Money found four gas-saving ‘tips' that are actually myths.

Buying gas early in the morning
Gas is actually denser at colder temperatures, so the theory to fill up early in the morning is a myth. Gas is stored in underground tanks that are about the same temperature 24/7, so fill up when you want.

Over-inflate your tires
Edmunds.com tested this and found there was no noticeable difference in gas consumption of cars with over-inflated tires compared to properly inflated tires.

The problem with over-inflated tires is that they wear out more quickly, causing them to have to be replaced more often. Any savings in gas would be wiped out with the increased cost of replacing tires.

Turn off the air conditioning
This is the classic debate that will keep people arguing for hours.

Auto testing at Consumer Reports shows that running the AC uses only a tiny bit more gas than when the AC is off. Rolling down the windows is worse because it creates drag that reduces mileage efficiency. So go ahead, use the AC in the hot heat and be comfortable.

Leave your tailgate down
Considering their larger engines and total weight figures, many trucks can use a little extra help boosting fuel economy.

One popular method has been to lower or remove the tailgate to improve airflow and use the power of aerodynamics. The men from the TV show Mythbusters proved this theory as pure myth by demonstrating that leaving the tailgate up will actually save more gas than if the tailgate is down.

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