22 years after Ice Cube's ‘Good Day,' Goodyear Blimp has message for the rapper, kids' charity

AKRON, Ohio - January 20 is "National Good Day Day," the day rapper Ice Cube was supposedly describing in his hit song “It Was a Good Day.”

That (partially) explains why the Goodyear Blimp will fly over South Central Los Angeles on Monday with a message for the former member of N.W.A.

But it won’t be the phrase made famous by the song.

Instead, it’ll say, “It’s a Good Day.” And for LA-based non-profit A Place Called Home, which works to protect at-risk kids, it will be too.

This was all put in motion two years ago when comedian Donovan Strain divined the day Ice Cube described by using context clues, like the Lakers beating the Sonics and there being no smog.

In celebration of the unofficial “Good Day Day,” a group of folks turned to fundraising platform Crowdtilt to pressure Goodyear into playing along by offering $25,000 to charity.

The fundraiser hasn’t yet reached its goal but it got Ice Cube’s attention and he pledged to make sure the Good Day Blimp folks get there.

Akron-based Goodyear has already jumped on board and not only will they have the “Good Day” message scrolling over LA, they’re giving rides in the blimp to the kids served by A Place Called Home.

Here’s the press release from Goodyear:


Goodyear Blimp Makes it a “Good Day” for LA-based Children’s Charity

AKRON, Ohio,  January 20, 2014 – The Carson, Ca.-based Goodyear blimp Spirit of America will be in the spotlight on Monday when musician/actor Ice Cube and Goodyear team up to deliver a special experience for the kids of a Los Angeles based charity.

Last week, a group of Ice Cube fans created a website called The Good Day Blimp seeking to raise $25,000 to support the work of A Place Called Home, a charity based in South Central Los Angeles, which works to provide a safe, positive, family environment for at-risk youth.

This challenge received national attention following a CNN story and a discussion by Ice Cube during his appearance on the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon show last week.

We agree that this is a great cause and we want to make sure this group of kids has a ‘Good Day’ in two ways: We are flying the Goodyear Blimp on that date over Los Angeles with the message “It’s a Good Day” scrolling across our sign in support of the “Good Day Blimp” fundraising effort; and we’re giving rides to a group of the kids from “A Place Called Home.”

We invited Ice Cube to join us at our Carson, Ca. base on Monday to see the kids off on their flight. We look forward to his visit. In addition, during his Fallon appearance Ice Cube made a personal commitment to ensure that the fundraising campaign reaches its $25,000 goal.


We typically receive thousands of requests each year from charities to fly our blimps and as a result are unfortunately unable to accommodate most of them. Over the last four decades, the Goodyear Blimp program has helped raise millions of dollars for nonprofit organizations across America in addition to its busy schedule providing aerial coverage of major sports and entertainment events.


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