Cleveland the backdrop for new movie 'Cleveland, I Love You'

CLEVELAND - A movie about Cleveland is wrapping up some filming Monday here in the city. It just adds to the list of films that have been shot here over the past few years.

The Radisson Hotel downtown Cleveland is the backdrop for scenes being shot Monday morning. The cast and crew are using some of the rooms. They shot some footage over the weekend, too.

This isn't a big blockbuster like "A Christmas Story" or "The Avengers," it's an independent film and there's a lot of love for Cleveland in it.

The name of the film is"Cleveland, I Love You." It features 10 short vignettes about love through the eyes of Clevelanders.

The directors and writers are from the Cleveland area and some of the actors and actresses are from here as well, not to mention the extras in the movie.

NewsChannel5 asked producer Eric Swinderman why Cleveland was chosen as the location for this picture.

"It's got all the amenities of a big city," said Swinderman. "It's got a great skyline. It's kind of like the movie 'The Avengers' wanted to come here and turn it into New York City, they could have easily shot in New York City but they chose Cleveland and that's one of the reason we chose Cleveland, we have all the things we need but a lot less roadblocks to get a film made."

The crew will finish up shooting here later Monday. There's no word on when it will be released but shooting on the different stories will continue through March.

NewsChannel5's Leon Bibb even has a part in the film. 

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