Look younger with a facelift that requires no surgery

New technology comes to northeast Ohio

BEACHWOOD, Ohio - If you want to look younger, but you don’t want to go under the knife, there’s some new technology in town that may be for you.

It’s a cosmetic procedure called “Ultherapy” and a Beachwood plastic surgeon, Dr. Steve Goldman, is the first doctor in Northeast Ohio to have it and have his staff trained on it.

But Dr. Goldman is not giving it the hard sell--not yet. Though the data on Ulthera is positive, it’s not enough, he said.

“Until I use it on my patients in my office, I don’t really know how well it works,” he said.

He wants to make sure it does what its makers claim it does. He has a special deal with the company that if he isn’t happy with the results in his patients, he can return the equipment.

That’s why he identified three patients to be among the first to try the procedure. He felt they would give an honest opinion about it.

For a look at what those patients say about their results six weeks after the treatment and their recommendations for other people thinking about trying it, watch NewsChannel 5 at 11 p.m. tonight and check back here on Newsnet5.com.

Dana Ashburn, 47, of Painesville has a special reason for trying Ulthera. She feels she deserves to do a little something for herself. She was diagnosed with melanoma, a deadly form of skin cancer in 2000. She beat the cancer, but never wants to have surgery again, so looking good needs to happen outside of the operating room and away from needles.

“I feel young on the inside and I want the outside to reflect how I feel on the inside,” she told health reporter Alicia Booth.

Karen Bassin of Twinsburg is 46 and has enjoyed the improved look she’s achieved through cosmetic fillers, but she doesn’t want surgery either. Ulthera sounded perfect to her.

“I was right on board immediately,” she said.

Young Cho from Concord is also on board. At 63, she’s never had any medical cosmetic procedures done, but is ready to try Ulthera.

“This is non-invasive, so I’m interested because of that,” she said.

All three women underwent the ultrasonic procedure with a representative from the company guiding the aestheticians through the process.

The Cost of Ultherapy

Because it takes a little longer and there is still a learning curve, Dr. Goldman reduced the cost to his test patients by about 25%. For other patients, Ultherapy for the full face will cost $2200, but the price may vary depending on the market and what individual doctors choose to charge.

What is feels like to have an Ulthera treatment

Dr. Goldman has already learned some valuable information in this process. When Bassin underwent the procedure, she had declined offers of painkillers prior to the treatment.

“I have a pretty high tolerance for pain, but I wouldn’t do it again without pain medication,” she said.

Ashburn and Cho were both prescribed a Vicoden and a Xanex before the treatment and both said the experience was still uncomfortable, but tolerable.

How Ulthera works

What makes Ulthera different from other techniques is that it uses focused ultrasound to lift and tighten sagging skin. It heats the layer of fat under the skin and in the weeks following the procedure, that fat starts to heal and produce collagen.

“So it’s like shrink wrap, everything becomes more firm and may actually contract a little bit,” Dr. Goldman said.

The company which makes Ulthera advertises that the treatment takes 30 minutes, with only one session required. It says there is no recovery time.

Dr. Goldman will be watching very closely how the three patients respond. Research shows that results peak 90 days after the treatment.

“In general, we give about six weeks for most patients to really see their result,” he said.

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