Akron Zoo offers free admission to kids on December 26 to honor victims of Sandy Hook tragedy

AKRON, Ohio - In light of the recent tragedy in Newtown, Conn., the Akron Zoo is offering free admission to kids on Dec. 26 in honor of the 26 people killed at Sandy Hook Elementary.

Guests who come to the zoo that day will be asked to pay it forward and use the $6 they would have spent on admission to help someone in need or donate their time.

The zoo will have a list of suggestions for people as they enter to take if they need them. The zoo asks that people share their good deeds they did on the zoo's Facebook page or on the zoo's Twitter page.

"As the entire world grieves for Newtown we would like to offer a refuge for people to spend some quality time with their loved ones," said Akron Zoo president and CEO L. Patricia Simmons in a news release. "The recent tragedy has served as a reminder for all of us just how precious life is and how imperative it is to spend that time with our family. As with the rest of the world, our staff has been heartbroken by this senseless tragedy and wanted to do something for our community."

The Akron Zoo is open 361 days a year. Hours are 11 a.m.to 4 p.m. Parking is $2. For more information visit www.akronzoo.org or call (330) 375-2550.

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