Widespread potholes on roads across Northeast Ohio cost drivers cash

CLEVELAND - After a long, cold winter the signs of spring are slowly starting to arrive -- the sun, the melting snow and those pesky potholes.

They are popping up in communities across Northeast Ohio -- from Brunswick to Bainbridge, Mentor to Medina, Solon to Shaker Heights.

The potholes are taking chunks out of the wallets of local drivers.

Marcus Robinson is one of those drivers. He said he is out $178 after paying to replace a tire after he hit a pothole in Garfield Heights.

"I ran over a pothole then the next 30 seconds heard an explosion, my tire was completely flat," said Robinson.

The Ohio Department of Transportation will spend roughly $350,000 to patch holes on state roads in Cuyahoga, Lake and Geauga counties. But if a driver hits a pothole on a state road, there is some recourse, said ODOT spokesman Mark Ziaja.

"You can file a claim with the Court of Claims and depending on the outcome you may be reimbursed for your vehicle," said Ziaja.

The more details you have, like pictures and location, the better your chances of winning that claim. If you hit a pothole not on a state road then you should check with that municipality.

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