WEWS-TV announcer offers advice for homeless man Ted Williams with a golden voice

CLEVELAND - The voice of WEWS-TV offered advice Wednesday for the homeless man from Ohio with the golden voice.

John Pleisse is the voice you always hear at the start, end and within NewsChannel5 newscasts – and even on the promos that run on the station between newscasts. He does voiceover work for many stations across the country.

We asked Pleisse about Ted Williams’ instant fame Wednesday. Williams, a homeless man who lives in Columbus, became a celebrity via a YouTube video that showcases his commanding voice.

Follow our conversation with Pleisse below. If you’re accessing from a standard computer, click the play buttons to hear his responses. If you’re accessing via mobile, follow this link for the full MP3 file with the audio: http://bit.ly/fcXrun

Mike: Briefly tell us about yourself and what it’s like working in the voiceover business.

John: “I’ve been in the voiceover business for almost 20 years. I specialize in television networks, television affiliates – doing their promos, which are commercials about themselves. Like any career, you got a kind of niche and have a specific area which you’re very good at.”

Mike: What was your initial reaction after seeing the story today about the homeless guy getting multiple job offers?

John: “I was blown away by it. I think it shows what’s great about America. It shows some positive things that our media can do. And it’s just smacks of everybody getting a second chance, and I couldn’t be happier for the guy.”

Mike: Is this a lucky break for him? How hard is it usually to get in the business and make a name for yourself?

John: “Well, it’s about as lucky as you get. If you look at it this way, we have celebrities who misbehave and set poor role model examples for our kids daily, praying, hoping that they would have something go this viral to promote themselves. So, it’s as lucky as you get.”

Mike: Do you have any advice for Ted?

John: “My advice is don’t let it get to you. Showbiz is tough. It’s full of all kinds of stressors that you don’t deal with in other careers. Take it a day at a time. Have fun with it. It’s the coolest job in the world. Enjoy it.”

Mike: What do people who know you or recognize your voice always try to get you to say?

John: “I’m in so many places, I just kind of melt into the landscape. I do ESPN – all of baseball games and football games on ESPN, some stuff on ABC. I do a lot of narrations on different cable networks. So, I’m there, people hear me, but there’s no one thing I’m recognized for.

Mike: Thanks so much for your help.

John: “You, too, guys. Nice talking with you. Oh, there is one place you’d recognize my voice. NewsChannel5… On Your Side.”

Much thanks to John for being a good sport and sharing a photo of himself so our viewers can put a face to the voice.

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