Wheel of Fortune contestant solves final puzzle with just 2 letters and 1 guess, wins $45,000

Take a look at the image above -- how many guesses would it take you to figure out that puzzle?

On "Wheel of Fortune" Wednesday night, Emil made it to the final round and got a three word puzzle he was told was a "thing."

The game gives his 5 letters — R S T L N E. There was one N and one E in the puzzle.

Then he picked four letters — H M D O. None of his letters were in the puzzle.

Emil was then given 10 seconds to guess the puzzle and he got it on the first guess.

He was shocked! Host Pat Sajak was shocked.

Sajak later tweeted, "Tonight's "Wheel of Fortune" features most amazing solve in my 30+ years on the show. No kidding."

Emil won $45,000.

See the video below: (Mobile users click here. )

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