What's trending? Pigs, bunnies, dogs and other pets on wheels

Recently the Internet introduced us to an adorable piglet in a homemade wheelchair. His off-the-charts cuteness lit up the web, and now, other enabled animals are cropping up all over.  

Since his video went viral,  Chris P. Bacon, has fattened up his Facebook page with 29,000+ likes.

(Mobile users watch here: http://5.wews.com/it7qk)

And suddenly, steady rolling creatures are everywhere including bunnies, kittens, turtles and dogs.

(Mobile users watch here: http://5.wews.com/it7Ef)

In fact, so many dogs need wheelchairs, that after Eddie Grinnell built one for his own dog and saw the results, he quit his engineering job to devote himself to making wheelchairs for dogs. Is he glad he did it?

"Nobody ever said thank you. Now every day starts with someone saying thank you," said Eddie.

Eddie's wheels also makes chairs for other animals, like a lamb named Spin who works as a therapy animal, helping comfort and inspire children confined to wheelchairs.

(Mobile users watch here: http://5.wews.com/it89W)

Eddie is not the only one helping out animals. One kitten born with a twisted spine could only drag her legs. Students at a high school in Colorado made her a wheeled harness, and Flipper -- the bionic kitten -- was born.

(Mobile users watch here: http://5.wews.com/it8py)

Of course, most pet owners are on a budget. This kitty's rig was made for just $20. It's made out of PVC pipe and surgical tubing. An extra bonus is that it acts like physical therapy and has allowed him to take a few steps on his own.

(Mobile users watch here: http://5.wews.com/it8AJ)

HOW TO HELP: Still others, like a goat at Kindred Spirits Sanctuary, are depending on sites like www.fundrrazr.com for help to get their wheels. Check out the site and help get them mobile.

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