What is the Harlem Shake? Latest YouTube dance craze sweeps Internet with millions of views

CLEVELAND - Got 30 seconds? That's all it takes to indulge in the latest viral dance craze, the Harlem Shake.

The YouTube trends blog explains its rapid explosion, with more than 12,000 versions uploaded to the site this month accumulating 44 million views.

Tracking the rise of this trend begins with a vlogger named Filthy Frank, whose dancing to the Bauuer song Harlem Shake spawned a domino effect of imitators. A take by YouTube user TheSunnyCoastSkate has become the popular version.

It goes like this: person in helmet thrusting while others in room pay no attention, jump cut halfway through, cue the bass and everyone else joining in, wildly flailing and feeling the beat.

With the formula set, a host of a different groups have now put their unique spins on it.

The Georgia men's swimming and diving team takes it (where else) underwater.

Maker Studios has gotten more than 8 million views as they let loose in the workplace.

The Coast Guard is among a number of service academies to "shake" - and there's even comes with a disclaimer.

Musicians Matt and Kim bring the craze to the concert stage.

This Harlem Shake is not the first though. A totally different dance originating in Harlem, New York dates back to 1981.

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