'What A Wonderful World': New earth images now available in a book

CLEVELAND - Louis Armstrong said it in song: "I see skies of blue.. clouds of white. Bright blessed days.. dark scared nights. And I think to myself.. what a wonderful world."

Now you can see the world through the eyes of NASA. Stunning, never before seen images of Earth, taken by satellites have been collected in a new NASA e-book called "Earth as Art."

The images, span across Africa to Asia to Antarctica. It shows the Earth's patterns, shapes, colors and textures of the land, oceans, ice and atmosphere. Images include snow-capped mountain peaks in the Himalayas, Arizona's Painted Desert and Byrd Glacier in Antarctica. The 158-page book is available in hard cover, electronically and as a free iPad application.

The app can be downloaded by visiting: http://www.nasa.gov/apps or purchased from the U.S. Government Printing Office.

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