Watch '2012 LZ1' asteroid fly by Earth in real-time Thursday night

CLEVELAND - A recently discovered asteroid may fly by close enough to Earth for people to see it on camera.

Called 2012 LZ1, the asteroid was discovered just days ago. It was set to fly by beginning at 8 p.m. Thursday.

The website has trained a telescope to broadcast the passing, if it can indeed be seen. The telescope is set up on the Canary Islands.

The hunk of junk will not hit Earth. According to , astronomers think 2012 LZ1 is about 1,650 feet wide, and will come within 14 lunar distances of Earth Thursday evening, or more than 3.3 million miles.

Asteroids near Earth are not uncommon. Astronomers identified nearly 9,000 of them, and discover new asteroids often, asteroids like 2012 LZ1.

To see through the telescope, go to . The clip below was posted by Slooh on YouTube.

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