VIRAL VIDEO: Nicole Westbrook sings about how excited she is when 'It's Thanksgiving'

CLEVELAND - Following in the footsteps of Rebecca Black, Nicole Westbrook sings about how cool Thanksgiving is in a video that has gone viral.

Westbrook makes a turkey drumstick into a microphone and counts down the days until Thanksgiving in a video that's just so relatable (who doesn't do those things in anticipation of the holiday).

People certainly are watching the latest train wreck tune, which has more than six million views in just a week.

Here is a snippet of the lyrical mastery at work:

It's Thanksgiving giving and I'm trying to be forgiving.
Nothing is forbidden. You know we gotta have.
I gotta give thanks to you, and you, and you.
Can't be hateful, gotta be grateful.
Gotta be grateful, can't be hateful.

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