VIRAL VIDEO: Man posts embarrassing video of wife struggling with math question

CLEVELAND - An embarrassing video a man posted of his wife struggling with a math question has gone viral.

In the video, the man, Travis Chambers, asks his wife, Chelsea, "if you were traveling 80 MPH, how long would it take to go 80 miles?"

His wife takes what is a simple math question and turns it into a complicated conundrum. She begins trying to calculate how tire turning or how fast she runs a mile may play into the answer, all as her husband plays along.

The woman continues to overthink the question until he tells her he knows the answer and she is astounded.

The YouTube video has racked up more than three million views as of Friday morning.

In an interview on Good Morning America Friday, the couple discussed the incident.

"At first I was mad, I was like how could you do this to me? But I realized our marriage is deeper than this," Chelsea said.

She said their relationship and bond has grown even stronger.

At the end of the interview, Travis apologized to Chelsea for the "emotional rollercoaster."

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