VIRAL VIDEO | Inside the Actor's studio: Bradley Cooper vs. Louis C.K. vs. Internet irony

Further proof the Internet never forgets

Before you post that potentially embarrassing photo or video, or say something crazy, remember this: The Internet never forgets.

Bradley Cooper is a critically-acclaimed, award-winning actor but according to an interview in 2008 by critically-acclaimed, award-winning actor and comedian Louis C.K., the "American Hustle" star should have failed.

Why's that? Because, as an acting student, Cooper once asked Sean Penn a question about "Hurlyburly ." 

Okay, that's confusing, but it's more or less the deal. Louis C.K. joked that the moment a student in the audience during "Inside the Actor's Studio " asks a famous person--he specifically cited Sean Penn--a question, that's basically the moment you know that student will never be famous.

Guess who was in the audience (with a question) when Sean Penn visited "Inside the Actor's Studio" in 1999...

See for yourself in the video below or by clicking here to watch


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