VIDEO: Naked man waltzes into Pennsylvania Walmart, takes new socks

EXTON, Pa - Police used force to arrest a man wearing nothing but new socks wandering around a Walmart in Pennsylvania. The odd incident was caught on camera.

According to police, the surveillance video shows Verdon Lamont Taylor stripping in the middle of the store's parking lot. Taylor took everything off and then walked right into the store. The video shows shoppers trying to avoid him.

Detective Scott Pezick with the West Whiteland Police Department said Taylor was an imposing figure who scared people because of his large frame. Taylor is more than six feet tall.

"I think most people were startled and tried to avoid him," Pezick said.

The video shows Taylor walking up to the customer service line, taking a bag with a new pair of socks, and then putting them on.

An employee grabbed a coat and followed Taylor, but it was officers who finally stopped Taylor with a Taser and handcuffs.

Police said Taylor has no history of mental illness, but may have been under the influence of drugs during his naked Walmart waltz.

Taylor faces a number of charges and is in jail on $50,000 cash bail.