VIDEO: Dust storm crashes Arizona wedding ceremony

FLORENCE, Ariz. - It was a day to remember. The preparations were complete. Their wedding day had finally arrived. The lovely outdoor ceremony began.

Suddenly, things did not go as this Florence, Arizona couple expected. The groom, Gus Luna, looked up and noticed a dust storm heading right towards him and his bride, Jennifer.  In just a matter of moments, the couple was drenched in dust during their ceremony in Arizona.

"You see the trees swaying in the back and you just see nothing after while. I was thinking let's just get it over with. We're eating a mouthful of dirt and everything," Gus said.

It was difficult to see through the brown haze, but the judge carried on with the ceremony. The bride's veil swirled about and dust blew everywhere. In the end, the gusty dust was no match for these lovebirds.

"It was a little uncomfortable, to tell you the truth. The veil starts going, going away. I'm trying to hold the dress. I'm not stepping all over it," Jennifer said.

Their wedding was definitely a day to remember.

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