VIDEO: Canadian airline WestJet creates Christmas miracle for passengers

(WXYZ) - If you don't believe in Santa, you may after watching this video.

The Canadian airline WestJet used the power of technology and a few hundred dedicated employees to fulfill holiday wish lists for a group of their passengers.

When travelers at Toronto and Hamilton International Airports scanned their boarding passes in front of a giant present placed in the lobby, Santa appeared to take their holiday requests.

Orders were put in for everything from "socks and underwear" to a "flight home for the holidays," and a "big screen TV."

What happened when they landed at their destination is nothing short of a Christmas miracle.




The company created an incentive to share the video, "If the chance to win flights isn’t enough motivation, we’re also going to give Christmas flights to a family in need if our video hits 200,000 views. So share some Christmas spirit, help us unite a family for the holidays, and earn yourself a chance to win!"

Since it's posting on December 8, the video had received more than 7 million views.

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