Unique jeweler's odd creations from casts of baby teeth and dog noses rise in popularity

REDINGTON SHORES, Fla. - As Jackie Kaufman melts the wax to cast her next piece of jewelry, more orders for her unique work continue to come in.

"We make about 30 pieces a week and each piece is custom made for each customer," she says. 

For nearly 10 years as owner and specialty designer of Rock My World Jewelry located in Redington Shores, Fla., Kaufman says no request is too weird. And what she does is quite remarkable. "I never work with stones or diamonds or anything like that," she says.  But rather works with dog teeth while creating 3D portraits of your favorite pets.  

But wait! It gets weirder! How about pig noses? Rat paws? That's right. Rat paws. All molds cast in either silver or gold. Kaufman's most popular requests are the dog noses, but recently her Baby Teeth jewelry has put her in the spotlight.  

Her work has been showcased on Good Morning America and featured on HBO's hit series  GIRLS. And with her newfound fame, the orders are stacking up.  

Other popular pieces include fingerprint heart-shaped necklaces and sound waves engraved on rings. Actual sound waves of one professing their undying love. "It could be of a husband and wife, bride and groom or mother and child," Kaufman says.

Precious memories forever sealed, Kaufman is determined to preserve it all.  "As long as somebody wants it, I'm able to do it," she said.

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