UFO files: Britain's Ministry of Defense put newly declassified UFO files on National Archives site

LONDON - Secret government UFO files! But don't get your hopes up. In this case, the newly declassified files are from Britain's Ministry of Defense.

They shed further light on why the British military shut down its UFO desk nearly three years ago.

The 25 files detail reports of alien abductions, sightings, offers to develop weapons to shoot UFOs out of the sky.

The files include a memo to then-Defense Minister Bob Ainsworth in November 2009. It said the UFO operation was a waste of money.

The memo adds that in more than 50 years, no UFO sighting report "has ever revealed anything to suggest an extraterrestrial presence or military threat to the U.K."
The declassified files are available on the website of the U.K.'s National Archives .


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