Toilet seats, shoulder pads and several other of the worst Christmas gifts you've been given

Yes, this this is the season of giving… but some folks are just bad at it.

While we’re all grateful for the people in our lives who put time and effort into their meaningful gifts, there are others who forget that, for the thought to count, there has to be some thought first.

On the day after Christmas, the Internet is buzzing with photos and videos featuring some of the folks disappointed by friends and family who just didn’t get it.

In the same spirit, we asked some of you to share with us the “worst” gifts you’ve gotten over the years. Several of our viewers reported not getting anything at all, sometimes being snubbed by the in-laws. Others shared the worst gift was having to work. One unlucky Facebook fan said he wasn’t paid before Christmas.

Others told us of some chuckle-inducing gifts. Here are our favorites of the funniest:

Amanda B. got a flag for the window of her car… of the Fleming Pirates, whoever they are. “Guess it’s a high school team in Neon, KY,” she wrote. “I was born and raised here outside of Akron so it made no sense to me.”

Kelly H.’s boyfriend got her a cordless kettle. You know, for people who love tea but can’t sit still long enough to let it boil near an outlet.

One year, Joe S.’s mom was on the receiving end of what he says must be “the strangest gift someone has ever given to someone else.” What’s that? A box of shoulder pads. Not for football players, mind you, which could be useful… maybe for a high school team. The shoulder pads were for ladies dresses and they came from a “crazy aunt” who “was completely serious about the entire thing!!!”

Pam B. says one of her gifts could rival that one: “A toilet seat!!!!” Hey, at least it’s practical, right?

When Kathleen C. was a kid, she says she got a coloring book. Nothing wrong with that. …except, it’d already been colored in “supposedly from Santa.”

On the same note—but wayyy grosser (that’s a word!)—Maureen M. says, “Yesterday, I got a bottle of body lotion that was already used!”

Regifted presents seem to be among the worst. Like the one Theresa D. got from a boss: A maple syrup and pancake set a leftover he’d gotten from a client.

What’s a gift so bad, it’s better to regift it? Maybe this one given to Amanda Y.’s husband. It’s a case of “cheap beer” they got from a parent she says “should have known” her hubby wouldn’t drink it… because he doesn’t drink.

And of course, if our hearts and heads are in the right place, Shaun reminds us that as long as we have family, “No gift should be bad, no matter what.”

Several folks told us too that the best gift they received was something that can’t be wrapped: The expressions on the faces of their kids.

Please share your best and worst gifts with us in the comments below. If we really like it, we’ll add it to the story.

WATCH BELOW: This suit-wearing kid opens really bad presents but tries to act excited every time until he finally breaks down


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