Survey: 16 percent of Americans hate their jobs

CLEVELAND - Dissatisfied with your job, have an annoying boss or just flat out hate work altogether?

You're not alone.

A new survey says a lot of Americans aren't happy at work.

You might have a loud talker in the cubicle next to you or the food in the lunch room might not be so great. Still, most of us get over these little annoyances.

For 16 percent of Americans, they find work unbearable. looked at how we compared to other countries and American workers are the most unhappy.

Behind the U.S. are British workers. Twelve percent of them don't like their jobs.

Germany is also showing double-digit dissatisfaction.

So who loves work the most? Our neighbors to the north, Canada.

As for the U.S., Monster doesn't nail the unhappiness down to one factor.

A lot of things go into job satisfaction, but one factor is money.

Twenty-one percent of workers who made less than $50,000 a year said they hated their jobs compared to only 10 percent of Americans making over 50,000 who hate their jobs.

In recent months, lower-wage workers have been taking to the streets, going on strike to protest those wages.

But despite all the dissatisfaction, most Americans -- 53-percent -- like their job.

Some even say they love it so much that they'd do it for free.