Squatty Potty piques interest after mention by Howard Stern

After a mention by famed radio show host Howard Stern, online searches for the Squatty Potty have spiked — a whopping 8,096 percent, said Lauren Whitehouse, Yahoo! web trend expert.

The feet-elevating concept was created in May 2010, when Robert Edwards’ mother was struggling with serious colon issues. Her doctors recommended she elevate her feet while at the toilet for relief.

Edwards and his mother’s husband sought a way to help her to raise her feet at the toilet without a bunch of clutter in the bathroom. They invented a sleek, fitted platform that stores under the toilet.

After researching colon alignment, interviewing doctors and nurses, visiting with pelvic floor specialists and talking with natural health experts, the Squatty Potty was born.

Edwards said in a news release the piece repositions your body into the natural defecation posture, which is squatting. The alignment it provides allows for smooth bowel elimination and prevents excessive straining.

The touted benefits include avoidance of constipation and less of a risk factor for colon disease, urinary difficulty and infections.

Videos of happy customers have appeared on Youtube, suggesting that the hype about toilet posture isn’t, well, crap.

Whitehouse said some of the interest might stem from the Paleo diet community running holiday giveaways to spread Squatty Potty cheer. The health benefits of the Paleo diet are also touted by the Squatty Potty founders.

A recent segment on the Howard Stern Show featured the Squatty Potty. Whitehouse suspects this is a driving factor behind it being searched for by men 67 percent of the time in major cities such as Los Angeles, New York, Cleveland, Philadelphia and Dallas.

The idea of proper posture during the relief process isn't a novel concept. Some cultures use toilets, or holes in the ground, that encourage this positioning, in contrast to the popular western-style toilets used in the U.S.

Cutline: Robert Edwards, Squatty Potty founder, demonstrates the proper position for using the toilet with a Squatty Potty. Credit: Squatty Potty

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