Pennsylvania woman claims Casey Anthony threatened to kill her; tries to sue for $3 billion

CLEVELAND - A Pennsylvania woman has filed a massive lawsuit against Casey Anthony, saying the woman known as 'tot mom' threatened to kill her.

Naomi Riches maintained Anthony caused her "emotional and mental distress" after she threatened to kill her, according to She is suing for a whopping three billion dollars, the site says.

The rambling lawsuit makes a plethora of crazy allegations against Anthony, who was acquitted of the murder of Caylee, following a sensational trial last year.

In disturbing court documents, Riches alleges that Anthony caused her severe psychological damages after telling her that her life was being exploited, and that the government was tapping into her water pipes and trying to poison her water supply.

United States Magistrate Judge David Baker dismissed the lawsuit and request for a temporary restraining order on October 10 because "the fantastic allegations do not meet the plausibility standard."

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