Papa John's customer, Tim Carver, labeled 'worst tipper' by someone claiming to be employee

PHOENIX - A Phoenix man said an hour after he had three Papa John's pizzas delivered to his home, someone called his cell phone to tell him he had won the "Worst Tipper of the Night" contest.

"The caller said, ‘We want you to come to the store and take your picture and put it up on the wall as the worst tipper in the area,'" said the customer, Tim Carver. "I was dumbfounded."

Carver said he orders from Papa John's once or twice a month and often has the same delivery driver.

On Monday night, he tipped the driver 10%.

An hour later, the call came with the person on the other end sounding very professional, Carver said. The caller told him, "You've been put into the worst tipper drawing and you've won."

Carver said he called the company and was told the pizza chain has had other people call with similar complaints about the prank.

Papa John's International corporate office sent NewsChannel5 Scripps sister station ABC15 the following statement, insisting that none of their employees were involved.

"We apologize to any of our customers who have received inappropriate calls from someone representing themselves as a Papa John's employee. We have no affiliation with any individuals making these calls and regret that anyone has been inconvenienced by them."

Carver isn't so sure the employees are 100% innocent. If the man making the phone calls isn't an employee, he has to be connected to an employee, Carver believes. "Someone who knows someone."

"They have my personal information, my address, my phone number, all this stuff about me," he said. "I don't feel safe."

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