OREO, the world's favorite cookie, turns 100 years young

CLEVELAND - This day in 1912, a rich, cream-filled chocolate-flavored cookie was born. To celebrate its 100th birthday, OREO is on a mission to being the child out in all of us.

A recent report, Global Spirit of Childhood Report, revealed the majority of parents surveyed across 20 countries believe today's kids are growing up quicker than previous generations. It also showed they should have more time to "just be kids." Parents surveyed all around the world said they, too, long for the carefree fun of their youth.

At 100 years young, OREO is asking the world to put down the cellphones, close the laptops and take a moment to celebrate the kid inside you by inspiring and collecting moments of slowed down, carefree fun.

At Oreo.com/birthday, and on the OREO Facebook page, you can share how you've let your inner child free by posting a photo, story or video to the OREO Moments Gallery.

The "Million Moments Meter" will track submissions, one moment at a time, so fans can see what others are doing all around the world.

People are already sharing moments, such as a father and his daughter sharing an OREO cookie and milk over webcams.

John Ghingo, Senior Director for OREO Global, said, "Despite this, the simple act of enjoying an OREO cookie and glass of milk continues to speak to a universal, human truth: inside all of us, whether grown-up or still growing, there's a kid that deserves to be set free every once in a while."

Since the first OREO cookie was sold in Hoboken, N.J., the cookie has grown to become the world's top-seller from the U.S. to China. OREO has attracted more than 25 million Facebook fans globally.

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