Ohio man Brent Hayes goes on 1,100-mile ride to thank Florida doctor

ATHENS, Ohio - After a Florida doctor saved his knee, Brent Hayes of southwestern Ohio came up with a unique way to thank him.

He took an 1,100-mile bike ride.

Beginning Nov. 20 in West Palm Beach, Fla., Hayes finished the journey on Thanksgiving in Ohio as a way to pay tribute to his doctor's work.

The Athens Messenger reports that Dr. Dror Paley of West Palm Beach performed two surgeries on Hayes to correct a leg deformity caused by bone cancer early in life. The deformity led to severe knee pain that started interfering with Hayes' active lifestyle.

Although warned that the surgery was dangerous and that he could lose his leg, Hayes went forward with it.

Paley straightened Hayes' leg, lengthened it by about 2 1/2 inches and saved his knee.

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